Do you fight depression?


I just figured that I’m fighting depression. I’m not so sure if this is really a depression. I always feel tired all the time, I feel like I’ve been fighting all the time and that feeling makes me tired. I feel sad more often, and I’ve lost interest in things I used to enjoy. Somehow, I’m trying to fight my depression and divert my thoughts on getting myself busy with some activities, go hit the gym, smile more often, laugh more often, read some books and write anything. I believe it’s a good thing. So I thought I write this one right off the bat.

I’m just wondering.  Do people fight their depression? Do they just let it through? Are they aware they have one? 

I made a research what are the symptoms of depression. And here’s what I’ve found.

  • you feel hopeless and helpless
  • you’ve lost interest in friends, activities, and things you used to enjoy
  • you feel tired all the time
  • your sleep and appetite has changed
  • you can’t concentrate or find that previously easy tasks are now difficult
  • you can’t control your negative thoughts, no matter how much you try
  • you are much more irritable, short-tempered, or aggressive than usual
  • you’re consuming more alcohol than normal or engaging in other reckless behavior

(found in

I always wonder how long will it take to get this through? I believe that we’ve gotten through a lot of depressions over the years. And we survived because there is always hope as we go on. 




January 31, 2016 11:44pm

Poblacion, Muntinlupa City. Philippines.





To my wife

I don’t know you today. Maybe I have met you already but who knows? I’ve been longing for you since I was a kid. I always dream about you coming in my life one day. I’ve been writing poems for you, no one. I’m 23 years of age and I still wonder who you are. A lot of things happened to me and I don’t know if you were there or you were just somebody who just had another thing. I just thought of you that’s why I’m writing this down.

You know how I feel right now? I feel like I want to meet now because I want to tell you everything about me, I want to tell you how I was, how I’ve changed, how I was hurt and how happy I was. I wish you just had me in your arms when I’m broken. And you, I wish I knew you already so that I could be there every time you feel so down. I really wish I knew you or I already have known you. I guess, this is how it works. We deal our journey separately, then after it’s done, there’s a right place and right time for us to meet. I do not know if I already witnessed your pain or you witnessed mine. But I’m thankful though we haven’t met now, because if we do, it would be a great disaster because we do not know how to handle things on our own. I think, if I get to meet you right now and see crying that’d break my heart so bad and I don’t think I can manage it. I don’t know what you are going through right now and neither you do. I just know, we both know that we need to grow separately for the mean time. And I know, we both know that we have a long way to go for us to meet the right place. It’s weird because right now, I miss you, whoever you are. I just want to touch your arms but I can’t even imagine how it looks like. I always wonder how beautiful you are.

These journeys will make us stronger and when the time is right to meet you. We’d be so untouchable. I wish I get to meet you so soon.

I’ll always pray for you. No one. Let my hope for you be true.


Jan. 25, 2016 9:05pm

Muntinlupa City, Philippines.

Do we really have to win the argument?

Hey, what’up? Vic here.

I am not argumentative person. I feel like I always have to avoid arguments just in order to maintain my friendship with people. Sometimes, I find it very annoying if somebody pick an argument with me because the tendencies are, most likely I’d agree with the person even if that person is wrong or somewhat right. Bad argument leads to broken friendship.I believe there are arguments that show respect and acceptance. We don’t have to lose the person just to win the argument. I mean, is it winning that matters the most. Would you call it a “win” if somehow you lose the person? I know, you get the idea of that.

Winning. I hate the idea of winning the argument. It’s like you’re modifying the view of the person. It’s not winning when you close the argument badly. You get the picture. That being said, I care about what I can get from the other person. I’d like to see how some people state their belief. A healthy argument is throwing your ideas with respect and acceptance. You have to accept how other people view the certain things in life.

gawwwwwd I love living. I love people.

what’s up.

Hey! It’s Vic here again.

I haven’t posted anything on my Facebook for this year and I thought to write this blog for the friends who are wondering how am I doing today? Well, I stopped Facebook last year November and other stuff and I realized it was a good idea somehow. I was able to have a lot more time with myself.

Today, I made a blog site to get in the flow of writing again. I missed writing and it’s fun. Nothing is really new with me except I changed the way I dress and look (somehow). I changed the way I talk to people I know for a very long time. It may sounds cliche but I did. I missed spending my time with my thoughts. I spend my most time alone and it doesn’t really bother me. Somehow, I long to have somebody with me. I’m busy in my career. Although, I still do not know where is this going. I’m still young and there are a lot of things to learn. Somehow, it hurts. Time can be hurtful sometimes, admit it. 

The word I figured today, is the word “priority”. The way things work around me I want to change it. I want to influence some stuff within my control. I want to meet my own definition of success. By then, I’d be happy and fulfilled. Yes, waiting is a hard part. Henceforth, I should be prepared.

What’s being a young professional?

Hey. It’s Vic.

I graduated college last 2 years ago. I remember when the time I was in college, I was dreaming where I was going after college. I had my great ideas. I had my steps in my mind where to go. But you know what, not all my plans worked out. So, every time I got that idea I would detour my way and make another plan. That’s what frustrates me sometimes. In this life, you are required to be a flexible person. Although, I know in my mind there is something better than my thoughts.

I barely know my career path, yet. But I am searching for something that would meet my expectations. I don’t want to grow up working in a place where I see it burdened. Being a young professional is quiet hard, especially when you’re clueless about where to go and where to start. I guess, that’s what they always say Start is the always the hardest part”. Is that right? So, right now. I want to meet new people that would help me grow. That’s why I always see myself exploring and adventuring. It makes me excited. Do something new. I haven’t gone too far in my career path, I have plenty of time searching for the right path. I shouldn’t waste any of my time.

There are some plans that I would like to share but maybe soon enough.


January 10 2016







Are we social butterflies?

Hey, Vic here.

I was reading when I wrote this blog. I’m reading a book called “Tribal Leadership” and it’s about how you make relationship with people who you work with. When we try to see the whole picture, most people really do not know how to get along with people appropriately. Some people are just too afraid to go out there and meet new people. If we try to think  deep down that is the fact, not all people can be sociable. But we’d understand.

Wherever we go and stay we meet people. We meet people along our journey. We always exercise our sociability to people we meet. It’s conventional. There are some benefits we can get from being a sociable person even when you’re extrovert or introvert.

  • You can get different perspective from people you meet.
  • Various life experience to learn
  • You’ll learn how to adjust as well as people you meet
  • You’ll become more flexible
  • You’ll have more companions to help your problems.
  • It’s easy to seek advice because you’re easy to find people.

I was a very reserve person but I still do. I learned how to lessen that overtime. I was good at being a quiet person. I was good at not talking too much. I had my reasons why. Maybe, because I had my own level of trust issues and great judgement with people. You know what? life is full of surprises and the moment you embrace yourself and accept the change you’ve been wanting. Change for good is something we must bear everyday. You’ll grow! You’ll fly.

I’ve met extrovert and introvert people who are sociable. They are well at talking and listening. Extroverts aren’t the only ones who are social butterflies. We do too (introverts)






Not Inspired to write something

I write letters and poems since I was a teenager. I am now 23 years old and still writing for passion. But these days, especially when November up to now I haven’t wrote anything yet. So, I’ve been trying to look for inspiration to write again because that most writers would do, get an inspiration.

Where do we find inspiration? That’s a good question. Well, for most people. They would find inspiration from their love ones, girlfriends, boyfriends and etc. However, there are times that it’s difficult for us to have that inspiration. Like, right now I do not have the energy to write something interesting. (Well, I hope this is interesting). The thing is, we writers need to have something that would let us go through our writings.

In my way of thinking. I reckon these are some points where we can find our inspiration:

  • People we meet everyday (the stories we hear from them)
  • Books we read occasionally
  • Blogs we read on the internet (no matter what the website is)
  • Special person who makes us write something inspiring (like love and Hope).
  • Movies we recently seen.

Well, those are based on my experience. Writing is fun because you express your thoughts to nobody even though you know people would read this around the world. Writing is fun because it makes you feel so intimate with yourself. Something happens inside you when you write. Nobody can explain the feeling when you do. It’s just when you write there is something that makes you feel alive.

Hey Guys

Too good to be true.

Losing All Hope Was Freedom

What’s up? Andrew here.

Nothings really new with me. I’ve been practicing piano a lot more. Learning white stripes songs. Well, a song. My Doorbell. I’ve been trying to vlog and it always feels very unnatural and forced. Everyone’s trying to vlog now a days because it’s shown to be a lot more profitable. We (Luke and I) bought one of those fat G7x’s or a cousin of it last year around this time when we first came to LA and tried to carry it around but gave up after a week or two and luckily was able to return it to Best Buy. This post is more about just writing ANYthing down just to get in the flow and habit of writing again. I can already feel myself feeling better exerting my thoughts down on something outside my head. The main thing that made me stop blogging was the…

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