Hey Guys

Too good to be true.

Losing All Hope Was Freedom

What’s up? Andrew here.

Nothings really new with me. I’ve been practicing piano a lot more. Learning white stripes songs. Well, a song. My Doorbell. I’ve been trying to vlog and it always feels very unnatural and forced. Everyone’s trying to vlog now a days because it’s shown to be a lot more profitable. We (Luke and I) bought one of those fat G7x’s or a cousin of it last year around this time when we first came to LA and tried to carry it around but gave up after a week or two and luckily was able to return it to Best Buy. This post is more about just writing ANYthing down just to get in the flow and habit of writing again. I can already feel myself feeling better exerting my thoughts down on something outside my head. The main thing that made me stop blogging was the…

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