Not Inspired to write something

I write letters and poems since I was a teenager. I am now 23 years old and still writing for passion. But these days, especially when November up to now I haven’t wrote anything yet. So, I’ve been trying to look for inspiration to write again because that most writers would do, get an inspiration.

Where do we find inspiration? That’s a good question. Well, for most people. They would find inspiration from their love ones, girlfriends, boyfriends and etc. However, there are times that it’s difficult for us to have that inspiration. Like, right now I do not have the energy to write something interesting. (Well, I hope this is interesting). The thing is, we writers need to have something that would let us go through our writings.

In my way of thinking. I reckon these are some points where we can find our inspiration:

  • People we meet everyday (the stories we hear from them)
  • Books we read occasionally
  • Blogs we read on the internet (no matter what the website is)
  • Special person who makes us write something inspiring (like love and Hope).
  • Movies we recently seen.

Well, those are based on my experience. Writing is fun because you express your thoughts to nobody even though you know people would read this around the world. Writing is fun because it makes you feel so intimate with yourself. Something happens inside you when you write. Nobody can explain the feeling when you do. It’s just when you write there is something that makes you feel alive.


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