Are we social butterflies?

Hey, Vic here.

I was reading when I wrote this blog. I’m reading a book called “Tribal Leadership” and it’s about how you make relationship with people who you work with. When we try to see the whole picture, most people really do not know how to get along with people appropriately. Some people are just too afraid to go out there and meet new people. If we try to think  deep down that is the fact, not all people can be sociable. But we’d understand.

Wherever we go and stay we meet people. We meet people along our journey. We always exercise our sociability to people we meet. It’s conventional. There are some benefits we can get from being a sociable person even when you’re extrovert or introvert.

  • You can get different perspective from people you meet.
  • Various life experience to learn
  • You’ll learn how to adjust as well as people you meet
  • You’ll become more flexible
  • You’ll have more companions to help your problems.
  • It’s easy to seek advice because you’re easy to find people.

I was a very reserve person but I still do. I learned how to lessen that overtime. I was good at being a quiet person. I was good at not talking too much. I had my reasons why. Maybe, because I had my own level of trust issues and great judgement with people. You know what? life is full of surprises and the moment you embrace yourself and accept the change you’ve been wanting. Change for good is something we must bear everyday. You’ll grow! You’ll fly.

I’ve met extrovert and introvert people who are sociable. They are well at talking and listening. Extroverts aren’t the only ones who are social butterflies. We do too (introverts)







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