What’s being a young professional?

Hey. It’s Vic.

I graduated college last 2 years ago. I remember when the time I was in college, I was dreaming where I was going after college. I had my great ideas. I had my steps in my mind where to go. But you know what, not all my plans worked out. So, every time I got that idea I would detour my way and make another plan. That’s what frustrates me sometimes. In this life, you are required to be a flexible person. Although, I know in my mind there is something better than my thoughts.

I barely know my career path, yet. But I am searching for something that would meet my expectations. I don’t want to grow up working in a place where I see it burdened. Being a young professional is quiet hard, especially when you’re clueless about where to go and where to start. I guess, that’s what they always say Start is the always the hardest part”. Is that right? So, right now. I want to meet new people that would help me grow. That’s why I always see myself exploring and adventuring. It makes me excited. Do something new. I haven’t gone too far in my career path, I have plenty of time searching for the right path. I shouldn’t waste any of my time.

There are some plans that I would like to share but maybe soon enough.


January 10 2016








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