Do we really have to win the argument?

Hey, what’up? Vic here.

I am not argumentative person. I feel like I always have to avoid arguments just in order to maintain my friendship with people. Sometimes, I find it very annoying if somebody pick an argument with me because the tendencies are, most likely I’d agree with the person even if that person is wrong or somewhat right. Bad argument leads to broken friendship.I believe there are arguments that show respect and acceptance. We don’t have to lose the person just to win the argument. I mean, is it winning that matters the most. Would you call it a “win” if somehow you lose the person? I know, you get the idea of that.

Winning. I hate the idea of winning the argument. It’s like you’re modifying the view of the person. It’s not winning when you close the argument badly. You get the picture. That being said, I care about what I can get from the other person. I’d like to see how some people state their belief. A healthy argument is throwing your ideas with respect and acceptance. You have to accept how other people view the certain things in life.

gawwwwwd I love living. I love people.


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  1. ellieyaheli · February 6

    I feel the EXACT same. If I’m getting passionate with someone to the point it appears I’m “arguing,” it needs to be assumed that I’m speaking to someone I respect, is intelligent, and has a perspective I find interesting. I never have a true stance when speaking. I’m political, yes, but my thoughts aren’t. By ability to learn and enjoying learning takes no “side” at all. I love every arguement/debate/intense/rowdy conversation I have, because the end result is me always learning something I didn’t know or every consider before.

    To actually feel your brain grow is a magical feeling. I love never having doors closed. It takes no work for me to maintain my open mind. To me arguing = really good talking, that advances my communicative skills socially and rubs off my ‘impressive’ emotional intelligence methodology and intuitiveness on the other party. It’s a mutual reward system, really. Both entertaining and necessary. It’s connecting and intimate when neither person wants to “win.” Gaining knowledge and understanding is the biggest win there is, and like you, I also love people–so it’s very hard for me to find any turn to consider wrong. I’ll always listen and enjoy what other’s have to say. That’s what is most natural to me. The expression of feelings, reflections, and logic based critical thinking, and (sometimes) personal involvement or affectance, shouldn’t be categorized as a competitive sport.

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