To my wife

I don’t know you today. Maybe I have met you already but who knows? I’ve been longing for you since I was a kid. I always dream about you coming in my life one day. I’ve been writing poems for you, no one. I’m 23 years of age and I still wonder who you are. A lot of things happened to me and I don’t know if you were there or you were just somebody who just had another thing. I just thought of you that’s why I’m writing this down.

You know how I feel right now? I feel like I want to meet now because I want to tell you everything about me, I want to tell you how I was, how I’ve changed, how I was hurt and how happy I was. I wish you just had me in your arms when I’m broken. And you, I wish I knew you already so that I could be there every time you feel so down. I really wish I knew you or I already have known you. I guess, this is how it works. We deal our journey separately, then after it’s done, there’s a right place and right time for us to meet. I do not know if I already witnessed your pain or you witnessed mine. But I’m thankful though we haven’t met now, because if we do, it would be a great disaster because we do not know how to handle things on our own. I think, if I get to meet you right now and see crying that’d break my heart so bad and I don’t think I can manage it. I don’t know what you are going through right now and neither you do. I just know, we both know that we need to grow separately for the mean time. And I know, we both know that we have a long way to go for us to meet the right place. It’s weird because right now, I miss you, whoever you are. I just want to touch your arms but I can’t even imagine how it looks like. I always wonder how beautiful you are.

These journeys will make us stronger and when the time is right to meet you. We’d be so untouchable. I wish I get to meet you so soon.

I’ll always pray for you. No one. Let my hope for you be true.


Jan. 25, 2016 9:05pm

Muntinlupa City, Philippines.


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