Things I normally enjoy when I’m alone

Hey. I want to know how you spend your time when you’re alone? What do you usually do when you’re alone? Do you regularly spend your “Me Time” or go and do some stuff like you don’t normally do? Well. People have a lot of ways how to spend their time. I’ve read blogs and articles about how people do to make alone awesome or productive in a way, better.

I made a list and thought about the things I normally do when I spend my time alone at the same I enjoy.

  • Writing something on a paper or blogging This is something not new to me. I’ve been writing letters, poems and blogs for years and I’m telling you it helps a lot with my way of thinking. It develops how I express myself through writing. My brain is like a river of thoughts. I think a lot often. It’s crazy when you don’t express your thoughts so I think putting it into writing would really make a difference.
  • Taking a walk in total disconnection- I love walking all the time. What do I mean In total disconnection? I walk without anything in my pocket. I totally make disconnection with my phone. If you’re having trouble with this, try to download OFFTIME in Play store if you’re an android user. This application helps you to disconnect. It does auto-reply to your messages when somebody made a contact with you. Also, it allows you not to use applications and blocks them in operation so you’ve got choice but to leave your phone behind, it also doesn’t allow you to use your phone until the time is over depends on how you set it up. Heading back to walking. Walking allows you to have the time to think things through. Where do you take a walk? It may be in the park, garden, downtown, malls. Everywhere as long as you’re able to think about stuff and life. Don’t forget it helps our health, too. It’s good for the heart!
  • Sitting somewhere quiet with nothing. Just Sit-  I’m pretty sure you do this every time. I mean, come on, admit it, sometimes we love doing nothing. We sit and feel the moment as the air hits our body and face. It’s relaxing. Sit and be alone. It can be your bed, your roof and some places you want to go alone.
  • Having an affair with a coffee in a coffee shop– Coffee is my favorite drink. You know, it allows me to think without a fail. And believe it or not, I enjoy the sound of people talking around me, not because I hear what they say (totally not my intention to listen to their subjects) but because, even though I’m alone in my table, I know I’m not alone. You get the picture.
  • Get all suited up and enjoy having nowhere to go- Yeah! who doesn’t want to get suited up. I mean, it makes you look good! I do this rarely but I put it anyway. When you make yourself look good, it boosts somehow your confidence. It’s true! When you’re suited up you’re like a powerful man.
  • Dancing- Yes, you might not believe it but I love dancing! I dance only in my room, or my spare room at the roof deck that has a big mirror so I could see myself dancing. My friends doesn’t see me as a good dancer which is why I never dance in front of my friends. Lol. I make my own dance steps and sometimes the embarrassing ones. Yeah. That’s the stuff. I’m a terrible dancer, that’s the fact. I admit it. I still dance, though. 🙂
  • Singing while playing musical instrument– If there’s dancing, of course there is singing. I love singing. Sometimes, I sing in a room that can produce echo/reverb. It’s my way of distressing myself. I play my guitar more often. I just love music.

I’d love to share everything on my list but I have to cut it out for some reason. 🙂

What do you do when you spend your time alone? 



Feb. 11, 2016


Muntinlupa City, Philippines.



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