The unsettled place.

Hey, I haven’t been writing for a while but I’m here.

Lately, there’s something in my mind that’s been keeping me up at night. The thought is, I’m still searching where my life is going and at the same time I want to settle down. What do I mean by that? I want to settle down but I’m still not satisfied of what I’m doing with my life. It’s not that I’m wanting for more but I feel like there’s a missing piece that I have to find it first in order to settle down. Yeah, I wanna get married but not today. Lots of questions asked every night. Talking to God. What’s going on, God? Tell me what to do?  I always ask this question and I think it’s quiet normal for people asking question like this.

Sometimes, I’m dreadful, doubtful, and etc. My story, I know, it’s gonna be amazing one. I put all my hope in my prayers, to God. This place is still unsettled. I’ve got to find out your answer.


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March 21, 2016

10:11 PM

Muntinlupa City, Philippines 1776


My smile means everthing

It’s 1:08 AM (March 12, 2016). We are taking the road of somewhere road of Bulacan heading to Baler. Meanwhile, I’m having of this thought to write something about the meaning of smile. I’m full of energy to write right now. I barely sleep so I write. Here it goes. It’s called “My smile means everything”

My smile means everything
I smile through my laughter
Smile through all my pain
People don’t see it they don’t notice

My smile shows my courage to all
As anguish and joy set to grow
Like other people have the same
My smile shows no shame

I smile even in sadness and loneliness
Great is the art of happiness and brokenness
It’s ironic when we find life in such ways
And we learn what we want in hard ways

We must have called life an ironic thing when we find lessons through our own hardship.

3 reasons why Hong Kong is the good place to work

Hi. It’s Vic here. I want to share with you my experience in Hong Kong. I went in Hong Kong last year November 2015. It was actually my first ever trip international. And since it was my first time, I’ve observed many things and I’ve seen how people act with their culture. But right now, I want to share my observation and thoughts why Hong Kong is the good place for work. I listed down my top 3 reasons why. Get this clearly, this is based on my observation and experience in HK.

  • Mass Transit Railway (MTR)–  For most people, this one is the real deal because Hong Kong is pretty enormous place and you need something to go to one place to another. In the Philippines, we have MRT, so you get the picture. Having a car isn’t a good solution when it comes dealing with heavy traffic.The best solution is MTR. MTR is a transportation with efficiency and comfort. When I was in Hong Kong, MTR is our main transportation to get in one place. The time of travel isn’t bad at all because of its speed and intervals of trains so you wouldn’t waste your time especially when you go to work. However, MTR is kind of a crown place. You see crown of people around especially in rush hours. I love the transportation system in HK, it is so efficient and systematic, way way better than our MRT and LRT. MTR has direction routes, it allows you to go to different places. Please check this out for your information

and for the map train

  • The Octopus Card-  This is like a credit card. You use this every time you buy something, Although, you can use money and coins when buying but this card allows you to use it in convenient situation. Like you don’t have to get money from your wallet in such rush situation or if you have change you don’t have to put it in your pocket. It such convenient. When you have this card you have to load it up to have balance. You can use this in MTR, buy your food, your shoes, your denim, clothes and many more. Hong Kong is so convenient when you have this Octopus card. You can also use this in Disney Land. For more information, please check this link. 
  • Lot of beautiful places nearby- If you are interested working in HK, you have a lot of options if you are out going person because there are lot of good places here in HK nearby your work. Buildings are close and good places are also close so you don’t to waste your time traveling. You get the picture. Use MTR. Hahaha.


Average people in HK live in flats or condominiums. Rich people live in house and lot. This is based on my research.


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11:32 am

March 9, 2016