My smile means everthing

It’s 1:08 AM (March 12, 2016). We are taking the road of somewhere road of Bulacan heading to Baler. Meanwhile, I’m having of this thought to write something about the meaning of smile. I’m full of energy to write right now. I barely sleep so I write. Here it goes. It’s called “My smile means everything”

My smile means everything
I smile through my laughter
Smile through all my pain
People don’t see it they don’t notice

My smile shows my courage to all
As anguish and joy set to grow
Like other people have the same
My smile shows no shame

I smile even in sadness and loneliness
Great is the art of happiness and brokenness
It’s ironic when we find life in such ways
And we learn what we want in hard ways

We must have called life an ironic thing when we find lessons through our own hardship.


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