The unsettled place.

Hey, I haven’t been writing for a while but I’m here.

Lately, there’s something in my mind that’s been keeping me up at night. The thought is, I’m still searching where my life is going and at the same time I want to settle down. What do I mean by that? I want to settle down but I’m still not satisfied of what I’m doing with my life. It’s not that I’m wanting for more but I feel like there’s a missing piece that I have to find it first in order to settle down. Yeah, I wanna get married but not today. Lots of questions asked every night. Talking to God. What’s going on, God? Tell me what to do?  I always ask this question and I think it’s quiet normal for people asking question like this.

Sometimes, I’m dreadful, doubtful, and etc. My story, I know, it’s gonna be amazing one. I put all my hope in my prayers, to God. This place is still unsettled. I’ve got to find out your answer.


Thanks for reading….

March 21, 2016

10:11 PM

Muntinlupa City, Philippines 1776


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