How long has it been?

Hey guys. It’s Vic here.

It’s the month of April. I almost spent the half of the year doing some great stuff. My mom came home on March, so that month I spent my time with her. She has been gone like 11 years working abroad. And she spent here in the Philippines like 27 days only! So that’s about it. I started my year doing some study. I worked on economics and taxation. I also had the time to learn vlogging. It is now the trend nowadays. Well, to tell you the truth, I’m not very use to that kind of stuff but I’m learning.

Months have past and I’m still doing things that I reckon would help my development as an individual. It’s been a year. I remember the last year of April. I was so yearning for growth. And now I am here growing and growing. I got rid of Facebook in my daily routine. Well, it helped me, really. I’m not really on Facebook but sometimes I had to check on it to see people who were messaging me. Things changed about me. I’m maturing, I think.

Even though things changed about me, my feelings for bear does not change at all. I’m working so hard right now to get bear someday. I’m praying and hoping that all my faith and hope let be true. I miss you so much bear!

The other day I made a poem about her.

Let me kiss your tears and let it dry

You are so perfect when you cry

I so remember your eyes were so bright

Your smiling lips it’s my delight

I count the time I made you smile

I count the time I made you laugh




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