Ordinary day and coffee’s fine, so fine.

There are days that are so ordinary like you always go to routine. Some days are just like what you always expect when you wake, get up on bed, do your morning stuff and breakfast then go on your way to work. But some days are exciting just like what I am about to write down. There are so many reasons to make your day good even when you feel don’t like it, or when you’re getting something through. Well, it is on.

So, I went out to meet a prospective client to present my service as one of my usual work. As pretty usual, we always get compliments from clients because of what we offer from my company. It is architectural perspective and animation that we offer. (I’m getting off the track), anyways. So, after I had the meeting, I went to a coffee shop and ordered my favorite coffee. This barista girl asked for my name to put in my cup. (In every coffee shop, baristas are always asking for your name to place your order correctly) ┬áSo, I said my name, however, I would have said “a man has no name”. If you’re watching “Game of Thrones” you’d get my point. In my mind, I’m laughing. Well, that’s how amuse myself. I know, I’m not the only one!! haha. So, there it goes, as I get my coffee, I turned to my table and relax and took a sip on my coffee. Then, I thought, life is beautiful. It is. I always think that God has a great sense of humor because I think most of this life is crap yet I still manage to smile and hope for little things. I’m hopeful person, although it makes me cry every single time. I always expect for something that I cannot see! I think that’s how faith works. God, I always believe.

I was still in the coffee shop, checking my e-mails with my laptop and work all at the same time. My work has been so stressing the previous weeks because I have this project that requires an IT to model a certain 3D for android and IOS. While sitting around my table, I noticed this woman’s table next to me. I saw her doing some stuff like what an IT does. I thought to talk to her but I was trying to make a perfect time. So, as my laptop gets drained, I took my charger to plug it in and so does she.

I took my chance to talk to her. Anyway. All this crap I just wrote was a practice. Practice of writing. lol.


Disclosure letter to a 27 year old version of myself

This is a disclosed letter to a 27 year old version of myself.

I know you’re 27 years old the moment you read this and you have forgotten how the other stuff went through. You might not believe what you’ve gone through in this life, you might not believe what kind of pain you’ve been through and now you’ve endured because I’m confident that as of your time, you’ve already forgotten it, you’ve forgotten the feelings and how it was. And I know it, because you’re good at forgetting and because you is me.

I’m turning 24 soon this year (2016) and you’re 27 at your moment. Vicson. I want you to remember all the lessons you have learned. I want you to remember all the pain you had but I doubt you would recall them because I know you’d find it difficult to remember. I know you :). I want you to remember all the people who have hurt you. I want you to remember all your failures and rejections. I want you to remember your good times with your old friends. I want you to remember the people who have taken you for granted and who have betrayed you. I want you to remember the people who were the reason of your brokenness. I want you to remember the people who never called you because you weren’t needed. I want you to remember the times you’ve felt so alone.

All of these I just asked you to remember is not to take back the pain again. But I want you to cherish the times you have been there but still you are here. Without these things, where would you go? what kind of person you would become? what values would you learn? Maybe now, you have the idea how things went through. You might remember a little but that is okay. You won’t look back again because you have learned. You are wiser and more gentle.

I do not know what kind person you are right now, but i know you’re good at heart. You are so much stronger now. I am so thankful, yes i am.This is me your 24 year old version of yourself.sunset-815270_960_720.jpg