The woman who attracts me instantly..

This is unusual experience that I have ever had. I couldn’t help but remember the time I was with her. It was a business set up. I had to meet this woman who’s one of my prospective in doing business with. I got in the meeting place early because I don’t like being late.

So, I met her and we shook hands. I noticed that she smiles a lot whenever she’s talking to somebody. I noticed it because I got early in the meeting place and saw her meeting with somebody else before my meeting. She seems welcoming but peevish (masungit o mataray) not quiet sure if that’s the right term. But anyways, as we met, we sat down somewhere in cafe where no one was around but us. The cafe looks like a rusty type of cafe with musical instruments in a certain spot. I asked “This place is interesting, can a non-member eat here?”, she replied right away “No, you can’t. If you’re not a member you cannot eat or drink here”. The way she said it, it was cold and no patience as if I asked so many questions. So we proceeded to the business.

Whenever I present my business, people always get amazed by what they have seen. But this woman seemed to be bored and impatient in a very different way (which makes me attracted her instantly)  As I presented, she cuts me off and say “Okay, I get it. Now, can we skip ahead?” In my mind, I say “what am I doing? Am I boring?”. Whenever she cuts in my presentation she smiles at me while finding it so ironical. She seems bored by me and it challenges me. I find her attractive not because she’s beautiful but because I find her unique in her own way. She challenges me because I did not get her by my charm as I present. She does not give a crap about it by the way. So, yeah. I’m instantly attracted to this woman. It was my first time to meet someone who caught my attention that fast!

After the meeting, I texted her and addressed my gratitude of meeting her. She replied “Likewise”. I profiled her after some certain time and found that she has a boyfriend and older than me. It saddened me somehow but that’s okay. hahaha! She was so interesting.”I could have asked her out”  that was in my mind while on my way back to the city. I mean, I want to ask her out if she was single. Too bad, she is not. Hay buhay….. She’s interesting woman. Sayang…..

I hope I could meet someone like her, again. I hope the next one would be single. 🙂 Soon!


October 14, 2016


Muntinlupa City14697087_120300000603445140_159274075_o



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