What awaits you does not matter.


Maybe you’d all notice that people always, most of them, are talking about waiting. You know what, it does not matter. I’ve been observing my own life to make it more interesting and to evaluate the encounters that I’ve had. Months have passed since the last blog I’ve wrote and I come to realize that there are things that you shouldn’t have waited, in other words, you just do it. You just make it happen. Maybe, in your years living, you’ve noticed that the only person who always makes you is you. ┬áThe only person that breaks you is you.

What I’m trying to say is, most of us think about what awaits us. A lot of times, we waste our time thinking instead of doing it. Which is why, we never get the dream we want. Who to blame? Well, this blog isn’t about scolding you or giving you some sermon. Why do we fear the future? What will happen to life after 10 years from now? What do I want for this life? Should I wait for the answer? That could a yes or a no. Of course, you wait but you’re moving. The meaning of “wait” does not mean you stop from doing something. So, you just keep going.

I want to tell people that they always have a dream and what awaits them does not matter. Know the things you should not wait. Then do it!

Muntinlupa City


January 22, 2017