My smile means everthing

It’s 1:08 AM (March 12, 2016). We are taking the road of somewhere road of Bulacan heading to Baler. Meanwhile, I’m having of this thought to write something about the meaning of smile. I’m full of energy to write right now. I barely sleep so I write. Here it goes. It’s called “My smile means everything”

My smile means everything
I smile through my laughter
Smile through all my pain
People don’t see it they don’t notice

My smile shows my courage to all
As anguish and joy set to grow
Like other people have the same
My smile shows no shame

I smile even in sadness and loneliness
Great is the art of happiness and brokenness
It’s ironic when we find life in such ways
And we learn what we want in hard ways

We must have called life an ironic thing when we find lessons through our own hardship.


3 reasons why Hong Kong is the good place to work

Hi. It’s Vic here. I want to share with you my experience in Hong Kong. I went in Hong Kong last year November 2015. It was actually my first ever trip international. And since it was my first time, I’ve observed many things and I’ve seen how people act with their culture. But right now, I want to share my observation and thoughts why Hong Kong is the good place for work. I listed down my top 3 reasons why. Get this clearly, this is based on my observation and experience in HK.

  • Mass Transit Railway (MTR)–  For most people, this one is the real deal because Hong Kong is pretty enormous place and you need something to go to one place to another. In the Philippines, we have MRT, so you get the picture. Having a car isn’t a good solution when it comes dealing with heavy traffic.The best solution is MTR. MTR is a transportation with efficiency and comfort. When I was in Hong Kong, MTR is our main transportation to get in one place. The time of travel isn’t bad at all because of its speed and intervals of trains so you wouldn’t waste your time especially when you go to work. However, MTR is kind of a crown place. You see crown of people around especially in rush hours. I love the transportation system in HK, it is so efficient and systematic, way way better than our MRT and LRT. MTR has direction routes, it allows you to go to different places. Please check this out for your information

and for the map train

  • The Octopus Card-  This is like a credit card. You use this every time you buy something, Although, you can use money and coins when buying but this card allows you to use it in convenient situation. Like you don’t have to get money from your wallet in such rush situation or if you have change you don’t have to put it in your pocket. It such convenient. When you have this card you have to load it up to have balance. You can use this in MTR, buy your food, your shoes, your denim, clothes and many more. Hong Kong is so convenient when you have this Octopus card. You can also use this in Disney Land. For more information, please check this link. 
  • Lot of beautiful places nearby- If you are interested working in HK, you have a lot of options if you are out going person because there are lot of good places here in HK nearby your work. Buildings are close and good places are also close so you don’t to waste your time traveling. You get the picture. Use MTR. Hahaha.


Average people in HK live in flats or condominiums. Rich people live in house and lot. This is based on my research.


Thanks for reading.


11:32 am

March 9, 2016

To my unborn children

Hey. This is Vic and  I’m 23 years old. As you read this letter let us assume that you’re in the future. Let us assume that I’m married. Let us assume that you’re reading this to your unborn children, too.

This letter is dedicated to my beautiful unborn children. I made this letter to let you (my unborn children) know that as your future father, I’ve been through a lot of pain and anguish before i met your mother. I wanted you to know that before me and your mother got married, we’ve been fighting for our love for you. We’ve always wanted to have a good family. I wanted you to know that before I enter marriage I made sure that I’m ready for this lifetime commitment and responsibility. This letter is all about you.

In several years from now, I’ll meet your mother and get married and after such time you’ll be born in this world. When I was a teenager, all I did was exploring. I have discovered my skills and talents. I’ve discovered that I have passion in writing and music and art. And believe me, it was my greatest experience of all my teenage years. I also made mistakes, when I was fifteen, I entered into a relationship and ended up broken. It was a mistake, but turned out to be my biggest turning point of my life. After the breakup, I was able to change myself into a better and better person. I was able to grow. I’ve met the right people to help to grow. My beautiful children. I want you to be so smart when you go on your teenage years. That’s that time of your discovery and being a teenager is fun, I’d like you to have fun. Teenagers aren’t suppose to enter an exclusive relationship because this is the time to discover what you want and what you can do. This time is only for youYou have to make the right choice in order to grow as human being. Please, be smart my beloved children.

As for my  brave son. When you get old enough, I will teach you how to be a gentleman. I will teach you how to treat your mother and sister right. I will teach you how fight for your love ones. I don’t want you to be passive but I want you to be an active man. I don’t want you to be silent but speak when you don’t want something or see something that is not right. I want you stand for your right. Fight what is right. I want you to be responsible and loving man because someday you’ll get married and you’ll lead a family. Be brave and be courageous. We’ll discover your masculinity and I will do my best to be a good role model to you

As for my beautiful daughter. When you reach your teenage years, you’ll become a breathtaking beautiful woman. Boys will hit on you because of your exuding beauty just like your mother. But I hate to break this to you, I won’t let anyone to do that. I’ll be your temporary knight. I will treat you like a princess because you have to build your standards first before choosing a man. I will help you to choose your man because there are men who are bad at treating women and will take advantage of you when they had the chance. You are special and you deserve a good man. I want you to be smart woman at the same strong woman. Oh my little sweet daughter, I wouldn’t manage if I see you one day crying because somebody took advantage of you. I promise you this, when the time is right, your dreams will be given to you. Your longings will be fulfilled. Be strong and be courageous. I will do my best to be a good example to you.

I promise you. I will take care of you. I will be a good father to you. I love you my children.



For my viewers. Thanks for reading.

Muntinlupa City, Philippines

Feb. 25 2016 11:33pm

Perfectly lonely

Hey guys. It’s Vic here. I write a lot about life and love and hope. In other words, I’m a poet. But do not expect too much because I write for my enjoyment. There’s an inspiration why i wrote this one. It’s something so personal which is why I won’t be able to share the other details. I do not want to ruin everything for my future. I want it to be preserved. It’s a love poem because I’m in love. Love is all I know, It’s terrifying but exciting. It makes me so nervous but I love it. That’s love.This poem is called ” Perfectly lonely”.


Perfectly, your words inspire me
You make me nervous in a good way
I know you’re not looking for anything
But I’m perfectly lonely waiting for you

I’m perfectly lonely because my heart belongs to you
I’m perfectly lonely here waiting to keep you
Perfectly lonely because there’s no one else
Just you.

Perfect is the sunshine when I see you
I have nothing to do with it, it’s perfect
I just can’t keep it silent, I want to shout
I’m perfectly lonely here waiting for you

I’m perfectly lonely because all I want is you
Perfectly lonely because our time isn’t ready
I’m perfectly lonely now
And I’m perfectly in love with you


So, there you go. tomhd-1


Thanks for reading…


Muntinlupa City, Philippines

09:01pm Feb. 23, 2016

Things I normally enjoy when I’m alone

Hey. I want to know how you spend your time when you’re alone? What do you usually do when you’re alone? Do you regularly spend your “Me Time” or go and do some stuff like you don’t normally do? Well. People have a lot of ways how to spend their time. I’ve read blogs and articles about how people do to make alone awesome or productive in a way, better.

I made a list and thought about the things I normally do when I spend my time alone at the same I enjoy.

  • Writing something on a paper or blogging This is something not new to me. I’ve been writing letters, poems and blogs for years and I’m telling you it helps a lot with my way of thinking. It develops how I express myself through writing. My brain is like a river of thoughts. I think a lot often. It’s crazy when you don’t express your thoughts so I think putting it into writing would really make a difference.
  • Taking a walk in total disconnection- I love walking all the time. What do I mean In total disconnection? I walk without anything in my pocket. I totally make disconnection with my phone. If you’re having trouble with this, try to download OFFTIME in Play store if you’re an android user. This application helps you to disconnect. It does auto-reply to your messages when somebody made a contact with you. Also, it allows you not to use applications and blocks them in operation so you’ve got choice but to leave your phone behind, it also doesn’t allow you to use your phone until the time is over depends on how you set it up. Heading back to walking. Walking allows you to have the time to think things through. Where do you take a walk? It may be in the park, garden, downtown, malls. Everywhere as long as you’re able to think about stuff and life. Don’t forget it helps our health, too. It’s good for the heart!
  • Sitting somewhere quiet with nothing. Just Sit-  I’m pretty sure you do this every time. I mean, come on, admit it, sometimes we love doing nothing. We sit and feel the moment as the air hits our body and face. It’s relaxing. Sit and be alone. It can be your bed, your roof and some places you want to go alone.
  • Having an affair with a coffee in a coffee shop– Coffee is my favorite drink. You know, it allows me to think without a fail. And believe it or not, I enjoy the sound of people talking around me, not because I hear what they say (totally not my intention to listen to their subjects) but because, even though I’m alone in my table, I know I’m not alone. You get the picture.
  • Get all suited up and enjoy having nowhere to go- Yeah! who doesn’t want to get suited up. I mean, it makes you look good! I do this rarely but I put it anyway. When you make yourself look good, it boosts somehow your confidence. It’s true! When you’re suited up you’re like a powerful man.
  • Dancing- Yes, you might not believe it but I love dancing! I dance only in my room, or my spare room at the roof deck that has a big mirror so I could see myself dancing. My friends doesn’t see me as a good dancer which is why I never dance in front of my friends. Lol. I make my own dance steps and sometimes the embarrassing ones. Yeah. That’s the stuff. I’m a terrible dancer, that’s the fact. I admit it. I still dance, though. 🙂
  • Singing while playing musical instrument– If there’s dancing, of course there is singing. I love singing. Sometimes, I sing in a room that can produce echo/reverb. It’s my way of distressing myself. I play my guitar more often. I just love music.

I’d love to share everything on my list but I have to cut it out for some reason. 🙂

What do you do when you spend your time alone? 



Feb. 11, 2016


Muntinlupa City, Philippines.


My seasonal type of depression

In my country, rainy season starts on March. But today is only February and it is raining already. There is something in the rain that makes me really sad. I have no idea why. Yearly, I always have this seasonal depression, I always stay up late these days and couldn’t get to sleep. The strange thing is, mostly I feel lonely without knowing the reason why.

My depression period usually starts on April to July. And one thing, the month of May is my most hated month because that was the time my mom left to Chicago for work. Obviously, I feel terrible when May comes, and as you all know that rain pour down repeatedly. I just hate rain even though it cools the surrounding but hey, you can’t go out hanging out with your friends and you just stay at your homes.

I hate it when this time comes, I don’t remember how I past the times I went thru my depression. I guess, all people have this kind of feeling. I know, they do because they’re people, too. Now, I’m trying to figure out how to make myself busy.

I don’t want to avoid  my depression because I feel like it has to be felt. 


Photo below, I captured it after the rain.

Muntinlupa City, Philippines

Feb. 5, 2016 10:30PM20150917142249.jpg

Do you fight depression?


I just figured that I’m fighting depression. I’m not so sure if this is really a depression. I always feel tired all the time, I feel like I’ve been fighting all the time and that feeling makes me tired. I feel sad more often, and I’ve lost interest in things I used to enjoy. Somehow, I’m trying to fight my depression and divert my thoughts on getting myself busy with some activities, go hit the gym, smile more often, laugh more often, read some books and write anything. I believe it’s a good thing. So I thought I write this one right off the bat.

I’m just wondering.  Do people fight their depression? Do they just let it through? Are they aware they have one? 

I made a research what are the symptoms of depression. And here’s what I’ve found.

  • you feel hopeless and helpless
  • you’ve lost interest in friends, activities, and things you used to enjoy
  • you feel tired all the time
  • your sleep and appetite has changed
  • you can’t concentrate or find that previously easy tasks are now difficult
  • you can’t control your negative thoughts, no matter how much you try
  • you are much more irritable, short-tempered, or aggressive than usual
  • you’re consuming more alcohol than normal or engaging in other reckless behavior

(found in

I always wonder how long will it take to get this through? I believe that we’ve gotten through a lot of depressions over the years. And we survived because there is always hope as we go on. 




January 31, 2016 11:44pm

Poblacion, Muntinlupa City. Philippines.




To my wife

I don’t know you today. Maybe I have met you already but who knows? I’ve been longing for you since I was a kid. I always dream about you coming in my life one day. I’ve been writing poems for you, no one. I’m 23 years of age and I still wonder who you are. A lot of things happened to me and I don’t know if you were there or you were just somebody who just had another thing. I just thought of you that’s why I’m writing this down.

You know how I feel right now? I feel like I want to meet now because I want to tell you everything about me, I want to tell you how I was, how I’ve changed, how I was hurt and how happy I was. I wish you just had me in your arms when I’m broken. And you, I wish I knew you already so that I could be there every time you feel so down. I really wish I knew you or I already have known you. I guess, this is how it works. We deal our journey separately, then after it’s done, there’s a right place and right time for us to meet. I do not know if I already witnessed your pain or you witnessed mine. But I’m thankful though we haven’t met now, because if we do, it would be a great disaster because we do not know how to handle things on our own. I think, if I get to meet you right now and see crying that’d break my heart so bad and I don’t think I can manage it. I don’t know what you are going through right now and neither you do. I just know, we both know that we need to grow separately for the mean time. And I know, we both know that we have a long way to go for us to meet the right place. It’s weird because right now, I miss you, whoever you are. I just want to touch your arms but I can’t even imagine how it looks like. I always wonder how beautiful you are.

These journeys will make us stronger and when the time is right to meet you. We’d be so untouchable. I wish I get to meet you so soon.

I’ll always pray for you. No one. Let my hope for you be true.


Jan. 25, 2016 9:05pm

Muntinlupa City, Philippines.

Do we really have to win the argument?

Hey, what’up? Vic here.

I am not argumentative person. I feel like I always have to avoid arguments just in order to maintain my friendship with people. Sometimes, I find it very annoying if somebody pick an argument with me because the tendencies are, most likely I’d agree with the person even if that person is wrong or somewhat right. Bad argument leads to broken friendship.I believe there are arguments that show respect and acceptance. We don’t have to lose the person just to win the argument. I mean, is it winning that matters the most. Would you call it a “win” if somehow you lose the person? I know, you get the idea of that.

Winning. I hate the idea of winning the argument. It’s like you’re modifying the view of the person. It’s not winning when you close the argument badly. You get the picture. That being said, I care about what I can get from the other person. I’d like to see how some people state their belief. A healthy argument is throwing your ideas with respect and acceptance. You have to accept how other people view the certain things in life.

gawwwwwd I love living. I love people.